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meadowryann | Small Town Girl, Big City Dreams
United States of America
Southern Indiana
United States of America
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Just a small town girl, living with big city dreams. That's me! I love all kinds of music and I love being a part of music even more! I love to sing, write, and play several different instruments, but I love the guitar best. I also play the ukelele, piano, drums, and am starting on the banjo now too! One other thing that I love is my little dog, Buddy. He is hairless and oh so cute! My friends mean the world to me and I love all of them and the support they give me is amazing, I am so lucky to have such great friends! My fans are the best...without my great fans loving what I do, I couldn't keep doing what I love! To me life is a song and love is the lyrics! Writing to me is a way of life...I can't imagine my life without writing songs!
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