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United States of America
Los Angeles
United States of America
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Grew up in NYC playing drums and jamming with typical high school stoner garage bands. Have always been a huge fan of Bob Dylan, and Jerry Garcia so naturally when the bands faded away I decided to learn guitar. With the help of my brother, some online searches and countless nights practicing chords and changes, I finally felt comfortable to play along with some friends.

That was all I needed, and I've been playing and singing songs for the masses ever since. I do it out of enjoyment and sharing good vibes with music, not for money or fame. But if they should show up, I won't decline the notice.

You'll hear a mix of classic rock, folk, alternative and some stuff you may not even heard of yet, but if you bring a positive outlook and a good vibe you're bound to enjoy yourself and maybe even the tunes as well

Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Wildest moment, getting called up on stage to sing for a cover band in Vegas. The song...Social Distortions Ball and Chain.

Embarrassing Moment

I guess I'm lucky enough that outside of some goofs on my broadcasts, I've never had a true embarrassing moment during a live performance. *fingers crossed*

My Instrument

Currently I play a Blueridge BR-40.

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