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mamasboy | northen country boy
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Hi Im Don Arsenault grew up in the big city of Toronto Canada but my hart was in the country. Influenced by Hank willamis jr. randy Travis. Blue Rodeo
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

..i was at a friends place sitting in the back yard having a bbq and jamming a fue tunes .when some guy out of no were jumped of the roof of the garage landed in front of me saying he wanted to be my manager.. it took a wile to convince him i only play for fun and not interested ...

Embarrassing Moment

back in the day my wife and i would go camping on the weekends .every weekend we would go to a differnt spot.This one spot as the sun was going down i pulled out my gutair started playing..people started to gather to listen when my bottom string broke...i keept playing and a second string broke that was the end of that had no extra strings to replace

My Instrument

bough my first guitar for 10 bucks played it ill my fingers bleed 25 years later still have it sitting in a corner at the cottage 3 string and all busted up dosent stay tuned but still sounds good to me