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lilkingsyolo | A funky, Not a Junky!!
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United States of America
Elverta California
United States of America
  • Rock
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Im just a simple guy from Sacramento California!!! I love Waylon and Willie...I love Hendrix and Neil Younge, Iron Maiden and Old Skool Metallica, Bob Marley and Sublime, I love oldies and Chalino Sanchez too!!!! And i cant forget Bradda Israel Kamakawioole, aka IZ...ive been strummin and singing for the better part of my life...I love to jam out with others and somedays i get crazy and slap on a backing track and just make noise...!!!I am very blessed to have the full support of my lovely girlfriend and my Aunt Vic!!! Who makes sun tea just like Gramz did!!! IM a man of God and i wont backdown from whats right...Thats about all...Hope you all enjoy!!!!
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Life on the Street

I once caused a mini riot in the streets of Roseville!!!!