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kristenjustine | Pop singer with a little soul!
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United States of America
South Florida
United States of America
  • Pop
  • Vocal
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More About kristenjustine

My name is Kristen Justine, and I spent a few years in Atlanta, Georgia recently trying to pursue music. I decided to move to South Florida recently and singing is just a hobby now!

My influences are Christina Aguilera, Melanie Fiona, Jazmin Sullivan, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin...anyone with a big voice! :)
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I was walking up to the stage once to do two songs, and the platform broke off the bottom of my high heel. When I stood with the weight on my left leg, I was about 5'9. When I stood with the weight on my right leg, I was about 5'5. I stood in one place the whole performance and it was really awkward. I looked drunk while I was wobbling up to the stage and off of it!!

Embarrassing Moment

I was on stage performing with a member of the big r&b group Next, and while everyone was clapping when we were done, I fell off the stage by twisting my ankle. :)

My Instrument

I own a keyboard and a guitar and still have yet to learn how to play them! I want to teach myself so badly but I've tried and it's too hard...I need a teacher or some help.