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khmissa | Moroccan Gnawa Rock Band
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More About khmissa

We are a World music band from Morocco called “Khmissa” and we have recorded our first album.
We developed our unique style of mixing the spiritual Gnawa genre with contemporary music, and this album’s theme is Gnawa and Rock N’ Roll (plus a Desert Rock song).and we will reach more ethnic styles and develop our style more in next albums.
We are formed of 9 musicians and each musician has a lot to give in music.
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

it was the first time we (band members) gathered in a concert, without rehearsal or anything, we just played 30 mins of our original songs with few mistakes and some improvisations. and the audience was amazed and everyone was dancing on the music. and didn't notice that we were improvising.
N.B: our producer/guitarist was traveling to cities to record artists who finally became a band.
it was crazy

Embarrassing Moment

in the beginning of a concert we found out that the guitarist's cable was ripped off, the mic stand was broken, drums cymbals were extremely bad,and everything was a mess.
we replaced the guitar cable with a stereo cable which sounded horrible.
it was the longest 25 min of shame

My Instrument

a huge secret: we recorded the whole first album with a bass missing the 1st D string !!