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Joanne Cooper | Folk favourites and originals
Joanne Cooper
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South Africa
South Africa
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Welcome to my Streetjelly profile. I perform acoustic folk music almost every Sunday at 12:00 (USA Central), 20:00 (South African Time) 18:00 (GMT).

You can click on the Calendar icon next to the scheduled show opposite (or below on a mobile device) to add it to your Outlook or *.ics compatible calendar.

if you would like to receive an email reminder every time I perform, then either register with your email address (its free) or login using your Facebook or Twitter username. Make sure to add your email address in your account settings. Then select the "Add to favorites" button on my profile page.

Otherwise, you are most welcome to just "lurk". I look forward to meeting you here!
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Okay, this is the real streets not street Jelly.

I play at a outdoor market on a Sunday morning. It is a bit like busking except I don't put out a hat. I just encourage people to take cards. Last Sunday a little boy of about 6 comes up to me right in the middle of a song and hands me a R5 coin (about 50 cents) sweet...

Embarrassing Moment

I have had so many embarrassing gigs it is hard to remember all of them. Like the time I played at the old age home and we were singing "Dream" and some chap shouts out that all he can do nowadays is dream or the time I offered to play at a friend mums 65th birthday and made such a hash. Forgot all the words, chords and everything....

I think my oldest memory of an embarrassing moment was comparing for the Miss Oriel (my high school a looooong...time ago) and only realising when I saw the photos that my long trousers were completely see-through under the stage lights and you could see the outline of my bright red brookies (undies for those who are not South African!)

My Instrument

My mom brought me a nylon string guitar when I was about 13. All my friends where learning the guitar and I was determined not to be left out. She travelled to South Africa from Zimbabwe (where I was brought up) and purchased the guitar brand new for R150 (about 15 USD) which was a lot of money in those days. She slung it over her shoulders and nonchalantly wandered through the border as if the guitar is hers!! Now the funny thing is that she was the age THEN that I am NOW but at the time we all thought it was so funny that my mum should pose as a hippy!!

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  •  “Special Show with Lebz Muzo“
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