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jazz_mandolin - Acoustic Treatment
“mandolin practice” 
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“mandolin practice”
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jazz_mandolin | Acoustic Treatment
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Mississauga Ontario
  • Blues
  • Celtic
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My name is Brian Kinney. Passions keep you alive! The last kid to leave the nest was June 2013, so we sold the nest and have been travelling and recuperating from the last couple of decades... or so. Getting back to the passion. I have been playing music for a long time but haven't gigged for a long time. So after closing down a business in 2008, I have come full circle to the passion of music. This time however I am centering on my own compositions. My Youtube channel is called Jazz Mandolin but I am primarily a guitarist, mostly an acoustic guitarist at that. I have a wide taste in music jazz (in all it's forms), blues (which is never far away), celtic (I am of Irish descent. I consider myself Latchiko, an Irish wanderer at the moment), bluegrass, honky-tonk (I grew listening to Dad singing Hank Williams) and I'll finish off with the so called world category. What I'm trying to say here is that I like it all. My mission now is to up the ante for my music and spread the love baby.
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Several years ago traveling in Costa Rica I met a guy at a public park where I was playing my mandolin. He scribbled down an address and extended an invitation. It turned out to be a school and he was a music teacher. I brought my grand daughter who plays fiddle. We were asked to sit down for a moment. The next thing we saw was the teacher and some other guys hauling some gear! The shut down the entire school and we did a 45 minute concert in the central court yard. Woo hoo!

My Instrument

I have several instruments, but the most important is the guitar I inherited after my Dad passed away. This is the first musical instrument I ever knew. It is 18 inches across the lower bout and when I was a toddler it towered above me. Dad played slide and when the neck started to come away he didn't care. He drilled a hole through the neck heel and put a steel rod through the body and out through the bridge pin hole. The action was still 3/4 inch at the 12th fret when I got it. So had a guy fix it up and got it so I could play. He told me to tell Dad he took the "drive shaft" out of it. He installed a 1962 Hagstrom single coil pick up and a Bigsby tailpiece. It will rock with any billy you can find.

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