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james | music and a great partner, life is great
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New Zealand
New Zealand
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Hadn't played any music for a very long time, music was very important to me through my growing up years..but I stopped music when I stopped drinking. Guess I'm very shy and find it hard to perform without booze.. Luckily I now play music again, found a beautiful wonderful lady that makes my heart sing and I developed my skills on harmonica to make up for lack of vocal ability..

I hope you enjoy and thankyou all.. James

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Life on the Street

Italian guy told me he listened to my rendition of " whiter shade of pale". .. And apparently he was going back to his girlfriend to ask forgiveness, so he said listening to me gave him emotional strength .. Way better than a mere money .. I'll never turn done money either,

Embarrassing Moment

Horrendous and drunk during tryout in band in Canada ( it was in summertime) mistook guitar strap on ground as a snake and freaked .. One of the moments that helped me decide to quit the booze.

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