StreetJelly is Online Busking and eConcerts
How it works?
What is StreetJelly?

  • Free to watch most musicians, free to chat with everyone
  • Tip performers with StreetJelly tokens
  • Musicians get paid real cash from their tips through PayPal
  • Free for musicians to perform
  • Live music only - No recordings - Family friendly site!
What can I do on StreetJelly?
Watch live streaming musicians          
View show chat conversations          
Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail login          
Chat with musicians and viewers          
Get show notifications for favs           
Buy tokens and tip musicians          
Award Rocker Pins to musicians          
Perform live on webcam          
Make money from tips!          
Schedule performances          
Create EPK / profile page          
Promote through Social Media          
HD streaming in 720p          
Predominant marquee placement          
Broadcast with OBS Studio          
DVR-style live 24hr Replay          
Personal recording of live stream          
Local black-out for venues          
Jukebox auto-tipping shows          
Stream with pro video equipment          
Marketing tools and reports          
Geo-mapping for analytics          
Have Fun!          
Pricing FREE FREE FREE Details Coming Soon!
Viewing a Musician

When a musician is performing, the StreetJelly Player will be displayed on the musician's profile page.
Watch and communicate with the musician with these player tools.
Click on Heart icon to add to favorites and receive show notificatons
Click on Red x to hide a user's chat
Hover over video for Volume / Pause / Maximize popup
Award Rocker Pin
Send Tip to Musician
Chat with Musician and Viewers

The Broadcast window is similar to the StreetJelly Player, with some minor differences. To start broadcasting, click on the 'Broadcast' icon on the top menu, then choose the Jellycaster broadcasting tool that fits your browser.
Getting Started / Requirements
  • Plug-in a decent quality USB webcam capable of HD/720p. Avoid "built-in" laptop webcams.
  • Plug-in a decent quality USB microphone, audio interface, or mini-mixer for your audio. Devices should be capable of two-channel stereo and minimum 48khz sample rates. Do NOT use "built-in" laptop microphones or cheap $10 computer mics with 3.5mm jacks.
  • Requires a broadband internet connection with at least 1Mbps upload speeds. Avoid using wifi connections or shared networks that may divide data load with other users close by. Definitely do not use public wifi as they typically block or limit heavy data uploads and video.
  • Test all your equipment before going live on the StreetJelly Tester page. You will be able to test a complete broadcast up to the StreetJelly system and back down as a viewer. This test will not be public and only viewable by you. To test: click on the Broadcast icon from the top menu, then click on the "Tester Page" button to start.
Tips / Tokens / PayPal

StreetJelly's tipping system is fairly straightforward: Musicians perform. Listeners buy virtual tokens and use them to tip musicians. Musicians graciously thank listeners for their generosity and cash in tokens for real money.

Each token is worth $0.16 to the musician.
Payments are made monthly when the artist has accumulated at least $50.
All Payments are made in US Dollars through PayPal.

Normal PayPal transfer fees and international conversion fees may apply. It's them, not us.

Musicians who spend a lot of time on the site building their fan bases can achieve a variety of awards, known as Rocker Pins. These awards distinguish the seasoned veterans from the newbs. They're not exactly Boy Scout merit badges, but they do show potential listeners that certain musicians know how to put on a good show.

If you want to thrive on StreetJelly, just remember the three Plays:

   Play hard. Play well. Play often.

And don't worry, friend, the tips and awards will soon follow.
Have more questions? Please send them in to We'll answer them right away.