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United States of America
Knoxville, TN
United States of America
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Hello there! I am Frank Podlaha, the founder of Street Jelly Media, Inc., aka StreetJelly King. I am a software engineer by trade, and music lover by heart. I'm also an all around goofy person - life is too short not to have fun. And that's why we built this site, to have fun. I currently live in East Tennessee, got great view of the Smokey Mtns outside my back porch. I'm originally from Connecticut, so yes, I still have that wicked Yankee accent. You'll find me on SJ often chatting with musicians. I'd rather just hang out and enjoy some tunes than most anything else. I hope you all like this site and certainly would love to hear your comments, stories, discoveries, or any old goofiness you come across about StreetJelly. We can be reached at:
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Life on the Street

Way back when in my youthful days, I belonged to a drum corps. Essentially, this was like a school marching band, but with limited instruments: fifes, drums, glocks and trumpets. I played the glocks. We marched in firemen parades in New England. So that counts as performing in the streets! Here's the full story in the SJ blog:

Embarrassing Moment

I once ate haggis, cold, straight out of a can on streaming! Here's the insanity on YouTube:

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