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fishnrodds | old time fiddle
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United States of America
northwestern Minnesota
United States of America
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HI, Im Paul. been fiddling for about 5 years, grew up listening to dad and grandpa play old time music, some scandanavian, mostly usa stuff. Its been a great experience so far.. other than family my bigger influences have been guys by the name of Tommy Jarrell, Chubby Wise, Johnny Butten and the awesome people i get to play with at our local jams that keep me challenged... I will update this more on down the road.. thanks for listening!!

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I play mostly 2 old fiddles, one is a no name that came off of ebay for 20 dollars , it almost went in the woodstove but I decided to give it a new life, other is an old stainer that my wife and daughter gave to me for christmas last year, its my forever fiddle.. both were trainwrecks when i got them, i spend alot of time monkeying and repairing old fiddles..