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FabS | Electronic and Soundtracks Composer
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Vigevano, PV
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More About FabS

Fabs, stage name of Fabio Santangelo, is a keyboardist and composer of electronic music. With his synthesizers and vocoder, he's able to create not only electronic atmospheres, but also orchestral, rock and blues sounds and he can easily fit in any music genre.
Influcenced by artists like Vangelis, J.M. Jarre, M. Oldfield, H. Faltermeyer and many others, FabS loves to make his own music using only his synths with no acoustic instruments.
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Never performed in the streets, synths are not so easy to handle! But I had a wild moment at a wedding.
A couple of friends of mine asked me to play keyboards at their wedding. In that period I was in the Italian Army and I had an accident on a tank and broke the 5th finger of my right hand. It was casted together with the fourth one and the thing happened on the Friday just before the wedding. When I got home I spent the whole saturday practicing with just three fingers and Sunday, the wedding day, came.
When the groom saw me he was terrified, but I smiled and said "Don't worry bro!"
The bride arrived, I started playing the Mendelssohn March and everything was fine.
At the end of it all the newlyweds stated I am "officially insane"!

My Instrument

-Roland BK-3
-Roland Juno Di
-Roland AX-Synth
-Roland VP-7
-Behringer RX-1602
-Behringer Xenyx 502
-Shure PGA-48

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