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domchan | I'm a songwriter playing my music
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Brisbane, QLD
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More About domchan

I studied Jazz Piano and realised that what really got me excited was singing songs that I had written. Even more than improvisation and swing I just like to sing.

The songs I write are sometimes for particular purposes and events. I've written songs for first dances, wedding entrances and even my proposal to my wife. I enjoy writing songs that encourage people, that reflect my thoughts and, that tell stories. Sometimes I am unwilling to shy away from cliches. In 2016 I released a Lullabies EP which had lyrics that were influenced by phrases I'd heard Dads say to their kids when they loved them.
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I once did a gig at a club until 2am in the morning. In the break we went outside to take a breather and I decided to lie down a bit and relax. I was pretty worn out and so I was acting kinda "silly". When I went to re-enter the club the conversation with the bouncer kinda went like this:

Bouncer (B): "Hey man I'm going to need you to stop drinking. You're with the band so that's okay but I'm going to need you to stop drink and have a drink of water"
Me (M): *Hands up* "What?!?"
B: "Hey look I'm only doing my job. Now you're with the band so I'll still let you in but I need you drink some water and not have any more alcohol"
M: "I haven't had any alcohol. I've only had water tonight"

So I guess the wildest moment was the time the bouncer warned me about my drinking when all I'd had was water. Out of a 5 piece band I think I was the only one who hadn't had a drink.

Anyways I thanked the bouncer later for looking out for me. 'Cause in the end that's what he was doing.

Embarrassing Moment

I once got a lift from a bandmember and I realised that I hadn't grabbed the music we needed for the night.... that wasn't fun. He was cool about it though.

My Instrument

My first professional level instrument was a really nice trumpet. I went on to study piano at university and a bunch of friends wanted to buy the trumpet off me. I said no though because it was my first professional grade instrument.

I still get to play it from time to time at church.