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United States of America
Maui, HI
United States of America
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Relic - (The Artist Formerly Known As Joshua ["Two Feathers"] On Maui) has been performing throughout Hawaii for over 35 years.

While living on Moloka'i, for years, he accompanied Zack Helm's K'Kai Trio and Molokai Mixed-plate at the Kaluakoi Resort in the late 1980's.

His own music projects have included the Minor Prophets and the Gemstones, and solo guitar and vocal acts. A favorite at many Maui cafes and restaurants
Live music entertainment for parties and functions - Classic Pop. Rock, Blues, Soul, Jazz, Oldies, Island, Country, WorldBeat, Any-kine.

"I guess my 'forte' would be classic pop songs from years past. Any-kine sounds, from Hendrix to Hank Williams. Bob Marley to Bob Dylan or Don Ho. The thing with me is I have to mean the songs I sing. If I can't sing it and mean it.. I cannot sing it to you, sorry.

All my music is completely "live". No play-along recordings. No "tracks" No vocal harmonizers. No "drum machines" No iPads. It's just you and me!"
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My Instrument

I perform on StreetJelly as a busker singer/guitar-player, but I play many other instruments including sitar and tabla, woodwinds, keyboards, bass-guitar, etc. I decided long ago that I won't use robots, so everything you hear is live or combined with a loop of a short phrase I played seconds before. Musicians need work... robots don't!

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