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chuckfoster | Oregon Singer/Songwriter
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United States of America
Klamath Falls, Oregon
United States of America
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More About chuckfoster

I am Chuck Foster (AKA Lynn Charles Foster) a songwriter/singer and artist. I picked up my guitar after retiring from teaching art for 30 years. I taught myself to play back in the 1960's and I wrote a couple of songs in the 70's and then didn't play much until age 57. I started playing and songs began to "fall out of my head"! I have written over 100 songs so far. I play professionally here in Las Vegas and I have done some recording. I am now having to learn the music business at age 66 and I consider myself to be a late starter. I do have some musical training from my college years and I come from a musical family. I hope you enjoy what I doI
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I have played songs on wobbly hay bales in the face of a Vermont thunderstorm! Mosquitoes are not good either! Tasty lyrics and swollen lips make it interesting!

Embarrassing Moment

I have forgotten lyrics to my own songs so many times I don't want to remember. Starting as a musician at past 60 has plenty of "moments". Like how do you plug in the guitar and asking "what is that thing?". Where's the restroom.? Don't eat before playing or drink too much beer!

My Instrument

I name all of my "guitarsenal" family members. They all have different personalities and new songs in them. I have an $8. Goodwill guitar with tiger stripes named "Stella" that knows the Blues. My Gretsch is "Gretchen". My Strat is "Freddie". I just added an American Acoustech guitar made in Rochester, NY. His name is Warren. I also have a Yamaha APX 500 that is named "Jackie".

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