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First of all Nooooooooo i am not image,my name is Mike otherwise known as Chico Actually back in the days i used to be a dj with my identical twin brother Merv also known as Image on Streetjelly ,we used to be called Double Impact , i used to sing reggae and do a little rapping in local clubs i later started doing recordings for local singers, music was always part of my life from when i was young playing the piano.I fell in love with the bass a couple years ago its a great stress relief, i also recently started learning the guitar, my musical influences Bob Marley,Bob Denver,B.B King ,Seasick Steve and my bro Scott Burgess
Im looking forward to hearing all of you perform and getting to know the street jelly family,
Play on and stay positive

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My instrument is the bass which i call twin blade due to the 2 throwing knives I installed on the body I also have a Fender Jazz bass and a Acoustic guitar