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cdennyb | Acoustic & 'lectric violin player
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United States of America
Nor Calif
United States of America
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Just a beginner that plays by ear and only play for myself. With only 5 yrs under my fiddle bow, I'm far from polished... and I don't play as well as I wish I did.

In order to save your ears from irreparable harm be sure and turn the volume down before I start! Ha.

UPDATE 09-2017
Due to physical issues with my left wrist and elbow I'm not playing the violin hardly at all anymore. I have changed over to pedal steel guitar which allows a more relaxed and normal position for my left arm and hand. I will no doubt be performing in the future when I'm a little more acomplished and can relax and play.
Thank you for your understanding. I miss playing the violin a lot and I really miss playing my electric 5 string fretted violin I made.

Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Well, I'm at a little disadvantage for playing in the traditional sense of the word, About 10 years ago I crushed my left hand and fingers and my little finger, the pinky, was damaged pretty bad. I have almost no feeling in it and unless I'm looking at it I really can't tell if I'm touching a string with it or not! So, I have to play four fingered runs with three of them, which is a challenge sometimes, and I tend to slide my fingers a lot more than others do but I can handle it good enough for satisfying myself. That's why my musical choice is classical (slower stuff) and of course instrumentals, as most all violin music is an instrumental tune, right (?),

Embarrassing Moment

I think my most embarrassing moment was on 22nd of Nov. 2014 when the Fiddlefest II is done here on streetjelly! Ha. My first live performance ever. They're supposed to get easier right?

My Instrument

My newest addition to ALL my toys I have as outlined below is this beautiful maple & ebony 5-string electric silent violin by Yinfente. Incredible response and beautiful tone when used thru my Behringer 12 ch USB audio mixer and effects panel.
-A 130 yr old violin,
-a 110 yr old violin,
-a hand made violin in the "blond" color I made myself and a
-cheap acoustic Chinese violin I have turned into an electric one
-and a very nice acoustic student violin given to me by Toni (aka CoolPinkOne)

I think I like repairing and working on producing the best sound from a violin more so than actually playing one. But I often times play a youtube performance of David Garrett and play along with him... that is a challenge. What a dream to play a duet with him on stage and play Over The Rainbow, my first real violin piece I taught myself.
My preference is the electric and I'm just starting to delve into a Looper Box, and Mixer so maybe my recording gear is getting better.

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