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United States of America
Olmsted Fall, Ohio
United States of America
  • Blues
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First and foremost I am a serious songwriter, musician and guitarist. I started playing guitar at age 13 and over the years I have performed as a sideman and leader of a handful of cover bands from 1979 until the present.
I enjoy many different genres which has also influenced my original compositions. My passion is with songwriting now. However, performing the songs live becomes a necessity in order for people, like you, to hear the songs I write or co-write. I enjoy co-writing with others.
I love melody and would consider myself a music first, lyric second songwriter. But I am dedicated to becoming a better lyric writer. And I'm evolving in open minded ways to write differently.
I also enjoy arranging, recording and performing original music whenever the opportunity presents itself. I'm really thankful and excited about StreetJelly providing songwriters like me a way to get our music out there in the world. I currently use my band Canyon Wind to play live original music.
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Embarrassing Moment

When I was younger and really interested in playing slide guitar I bough a Coricidin bottle slide like the kind that Duane Allman used. When I got to the gig I was so excited to try it out but that never happened. While loading my gear into the gig I put the slide in my pocket but it fell out and broke into a million pieces :( I never bought another one.

My Instrument

Although this was not my first guitar it was my first good guitar. There was a local guitar player who I idolized for his playing and eventually took guitar lessons with him. Neil Giraldo who went on to play in Rick Derringer band then moved on to fame with Pat Benetar sold me his Fender Stratocaster. It had a 3 way switch and a natural wood finish because he had the paint stripped off the guitar. It was also re-fretted with fat frets. I should have kept it but I sold it to a trumpet player. :( Later on I bought a white Fender Strat because of the pictures of Jimi Hendrix. I used that one for years as my main axe.
After moving over to playing in my Country band the Strat did not cut through the mix so I switch over to Telecaster. But I had to have three pick up Teles because I always loved the in between positions of the Strat. I have a couple of Teles now as well as the white Strat but my main axe is my Gretch Brian Setzer 6120 and my Gretch Panther. Heck I love them all who wouldn'

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