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cacuz95 | Young Italian buskers!
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Brescia, Italy
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More About cacuz95

Hey Guys! I'm a Medicine Student in my home town, Brescia, close to Milan! I love music, since I was born, and for fun I do Gigs in pubs and busk all around my city , and sometimes I go to bigger places ( I was in busking in London in November 2016!). So let's have some fun guys ;)

Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

So it happened to me to do a show in Camden Town streets, for a public of drunk people; it was so funny!

Embarrassing Moment

When I was 16 I had my first gig, and I totally failed to start to sing in a song ( I started to sing in the wrong moment lol) and then I stopped the guys who were playing with me and I said to the public " Sorry guys, let's do this one more time!"

My Instrument

My instrument is voice! The fuckin amazing voice, I love it, screaming out all your feelings and emotions. Just amazing!