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bobporter | Noisy Newfoundlander. Up She Rises
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I am Bob Porter, a Newfoundlander living in western Canada. Over the years I have recorded 3 CD's. Been lucky enough for radio stations to play me on air enough to become known by many folks from my home province, and also other people around the world.

Have had the pleasure of playing in places where almost nobody showed up, to arenas as a headliner for thousands. Through it all, I can say i've enjoyed my time on stage, no matter what the size of the audience.

I have recorded 3 CD's
Wave The Flag
Our Piece of Ground
Newfoundland Rain

I write all my own material, except a few songs with co-writers. Most people that do know me, know me from the popular Newfoundland songs Up She Rises and Ghost out in the Fog. Both of which I wrote many years ago.

If you got this far, thank you for reading a bit about my music caper. It was fun. It still is fun. It will continue to be fun.

bob porter.