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AndreFromRio | Brazilian jammer all the way!
Rio de Janeiro
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More About AndreFromRio

My name is Andre Valle,I love 70s 80s 90s and rock,pop,disco,funk and blues.Besides brazilian music of course.
I was raised by post-punk,new romantic,heavy metal,punk and goth of the 80s but I've been everywhere and played a lot around...
I like to play acoustic guitar,electric sometimes and sometimes drums,bass and keyboard too but I'm still learning.
Feel free to ask me to play.If I know the song I'll do it.See ya

Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I had nothing to do and was sick of the family celebration of the new year so I grabbed my guitar and went to Copacabana Beach...after half hour of fireworks i sat on the sand and started playing...some drunk tourists gathered around and we sang and played til 5am...most of the time we jammed Pearl Jam,REM and Nirvana :)

Embarrassing Moment

Having my own songs sang by my ex-girlfriend...and most of them were made about her,but she thought they were about the previous ones LOL

My Instrument

My favourite guitar at the moment is an Eagle CH-800 and I like it very much.

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