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United States of America
Akron, Ohio
United States of America
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38yr old IT guy from Ohio seeks online audience for good times!
I've played for about 20 years (music school for a few of those) and I know a lot of songs but very few popular tracks. I've literally forgoten more songs than I know (I carpet bombed my share of brain cells in my younger days)...
Music isn't everything I am, it's just an outlet for me. I discovered that I can entertain people with my outlet a while ago and have been trying to do that more often, playing a handful of gigs, open mics, and a little busking here and there. I try to make time for it, but it's hard ya know? That's one of the things that attracted me to this site... I can hop online and play for people when I've got a little free time. That's pretty sweet!
I typically play stuff by Radiohead, David Gray, The Decemberists, Ray LaMontagne, Iron & Wine... mostly chilled out softer stuff, but I've also got a few crowd-pleasing rockers up my sleeve ;)
I'm always looking for new music and learning new songs.
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