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Born in Belfast, I moved to Sligo at 16 discovering and engaging with the rich musical culture there (great talent in Sligo). After studying Film, I busked and gigged in Galway for years. I recently relocated to the depths of Leitrim. I'm hoping to write and record an original album here, and also prepare to get work on the cruise ships which I will apply for again next year - travel the world, hone my craft, and save money... what more could a man want? I'm into music ranging from Steely Dan and King Crimson, to Bert Jansch and Leonard Cohen.
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Used to busk in Galway. It was great! It had a pedestrianised main street so it was an easy, comfortable place to play, never any real hassle.

Embarrassing Moment

Recently auditioned for work on a cruise ship. Was preparing for months for it trying to learn popular songs. Had a nervous attack and completely clammed up - couldn't think of anything to play when they requested certain types of song. My brain just went blank, complete nightmare!

My Instrument

Huss and Dalton TD-M, Adirondack (red spruce) top. My inanimate girlfriend, the 'Hussy'.

I have a cheap Yamaha I use for outdoors and altered tunings. It's stood up to the worst of abuse, love it.

I also have a Casio PX-3 e-piano I might crack out on streetjelly at some stage. Be warned.

NB/ Hussy's intonation is out needing new nut/saddle, so using my Yamaha at the moment.

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