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xarafiasco | This music won't hurt a bit!
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Northern New South Wales.
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Xara's music is tongue in cheek smart coupled with an intricately lyrical and a multi textured voice. Her piano playing is jazzy, bluesy and achingly soulful; a testament to all those smoky bars and clubs Xara has played in before debuting at Street Jelly.
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Embarrassing Moment

This happens A LOT... I smash my teeth on the microphone accidently.. Then I act like it never happened... :)

My Instrument

My first piano remains at my sister's house. That poor piano was kicked around while my siblings and I all had to endure piano practice.The tantrums! Oh my god. I hated learning how to play the piano. There were too many rules. I began playing piano at 7 but quit a year and a half later.. Then I started to just make up songs on my own and to teach myself chord progressions. This then progressed to writing whole songs and performing them at school assemblies since I was about 12. I can't read music as I play everything by ear and am self taught.
I do want to learn how to sight read music eventually though, if anything to drastically increase my repertoire.

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