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WireNWood | Sings from the heart-or is it the pancreas?
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United States of America
Tucson, AZ - between 2 cacti
United States of America
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More About WireNWood

I started guitar at my Father's knee as a preschooler. I suppose I was a professional guitarist then, as I was getting paid in the only currency that matters to a 6YO - Daddy's praise.
I went to college for "Classical" guitar. I still pump nylon daily but I also dig fingerstyle jazz solos, acoustic singer/songwriter stuff from the 70s, Blues Rock, Prog Rock, and pizza with everything.
For most of the 90s I played all over the world for the U.S.Army Band including a year in Seoul, one of the best years of my life.
I build, modify, and repair guitars. I love guitar history & industry lore - I'm a certifiable guitar geek. I perform live as often as I can in 2 local bands, on SJ, and in Second Life.
The photo is the way I appear in Second Life. Look for me there performing under the same name.
Say "Hi" ... even if you think I suck. :)
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

One time I sat with my guitar as a brawl between 2 groups of bikers raged on all around me. I got through without a scratch and so did my Guitar.

Embarrassing Moment

My most embarrassing moment was ... well ... childhood through 50 years of age.

My Instrument

My first guitar was a Tiesco Spectrum 3 from K-Mart. :) I still remember my father choosing it for me, but I didn't know it by model name at the time. Dad played every electric guitar they had on display in 2 K-Marts. I didn't expect him to choose the gorgeous blue top-of-the-line. That guitar was my pride & joy.
Since then I've become a guitar freak. I have a room full of Strats and Teles of all sorts, but you'll probably see me on StreetJelly playing one of the following:
Taylor 110e
D'Angelico Brooklyn
D'Angelico Bowery
2013 Fender CD140,
Seagull Explorer walnut (BIG articulate sound! It puts more expensive guitars to shame)
Epiphone J200 Artist
Xaviere dreadnaught (bubinga/cedar - SUCH a sweet warm sound! Also puts much more expensive guitars to shame)
or my 1977 Epiphone FT150 Bard, a gift from my Dad and maybe my most cherished possession.

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