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TundraJ | Heavily inspired by the late Chris Cornell
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Been playing for about 5 years, started singing while playing for about a year. Really curious to see where this goes!

Steering wheel superstar, as in the steering wheel was the only one that heard me sing haha! But in those drives I listened to many artists and none struck home with me other than Chris Cornell of Soundgarden/Audioslave/Temple of the Dog/Solo. Once I heard him "unplugged", I was inspired to pick up the guitar and try to sing like him. I was in my 20's at the time.

A life changing event happened, realized life was too short, and at 41 I picked up a cheap guitar and headed out for lessons. 4 years later I sang and played my first song ever to my wife, in front of a captive audience at my wedding reception.
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Embarrassing Moment

Met a band I like (Mighty Oaks) face to face after the show for quick chat and pics. Fumbled over my words haha! So hard to say all you want to say in such a short span. Ah well. Next time ;)

My Instrument

Still have my first acoustic and electric guitar. I think they were about $100 each haha! But you have to start somewhere, the acoustic is a black Washburn dreadnaught variant. And the other is an electric guitar by Epiphone Special II - also black!

Only a few have names, special ones to me. Maybe one day they will all have a name.

I've had many guitars trying to find out what I like (Chapman, AXL, PRS) but I've settled down with the standards now (Fender, Gibson). A line that I really like are Hagstroms, great style/sound/price/quality. And super friendly help desk.

Funny story, I contacted the help desk to get a wiring diagram. Turns out he was practically from the same town as me - just working in Sweden! Small world!

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