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TommyG | The Celtic Canyonieer
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United States of America
Colorado Springs, CO
United States of America
  • Celtic
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More About TommyG

Hello! My name is Tom Gannaway. I'm an acoustic musician with a love for Christian worship and a weakness for acoustic ethnic instruments like the Irish bouzouki and the oud. I was the editor Fingerstyle Guitar magazine from '97 - '99. Looking forward to being part of the StreetJelly community!
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Sorry, haven't performed on the streets :-(

However, I remember when I was 13 years old and getting into fingerstyle jazz guitar, I listened to a guy by the name of Joe Pass, who was very influential in the jazz world, and at times played guitar for Ella Fitzgerald. At the time I was living in Michigan and thought I was going to be vacationing in California. I wrote him a letter (sent it to his record label - this was years before the Internet was around), stating that I was planning on coming out to California with my family, and wondered if he might be able to take me for a lesson. One day I received a postcard from London thanking me for the letter and stating that he really didn't teach any more. Nonetheless he passed on his management companies' phone number and stated that he might be able to see me once. That fact that he wrote back to me spoke volumes about the man! I will always remember his kindness in responding to me.

My Instrument

I used to have a James Olson acoustic guitar, which I sold because at the time I was playing nylon-string. If I could get in a time machine and go back, I'd hang on to it.

My favorite guitar these days is an Ibanez AC240 - OPN. I love it because of its small size and it looks great.

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