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Tom Rule | Creative Pianist / MultiKeyboardist
Tom Rule
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United States of America
Macon, GA
United States of America
  • Jazz
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More About Tom Rule

Tom Rule is a pianist, multi-keyboardist, teacher, accompanist, performer, studio geek, composer, arranger, producer, and a few other things. He is an odd duck, but is in his right mind since he's lefthanded.

His latest album: It Should Be Called CHRISTmas!

Tom is/has been:
a Piano teacher in a private studio & at the college level, keyboardist in traditional & contemporary church styles, recorded/performed on several albums, accompanied choirs & soloists in several states, played in bands...

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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Keyboardists generally don't perform on the street - so not a lot to tell here!

Of course, there was the time we were transporting an upright piano to a parking lot gig in July on the back of a flatbed, and I sat there playing the piano while trucking down 23rd street in Chattanooga, TN.........

Embarrassing Moment

There are waaaay too many of these to tell in 1000 characters!

Of course, there was the time I was coming back from Iowa, where I'd been performing with the Joey Stuckey band - going through the search at the Omaha airport, and I got pulled aside because I had several bags of DIRT in my suitcase.

Hey, it was the wrong color for dirt! It was pitch black....and down here in Georgia dirt is red clay! I was taking home some souvenirs!

My Instrument

Current main keyboard is a Roland RD700sx, outfitted with two expansion cards.

I also use a Korg DW8000 that dates from 1981 - I am the original owner!, plus a smattering of other gear and software.

There is, however, NOTHING like an excellent grand piano - Steinway, Yamaha, Bosendorfer - that's been taken care of. NOTHING.

Too bad I don't have one.......not that one would fit in my house anyway........

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