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United States of America
Winston Salem NC
United States of America
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Writing fun songs for fun good time kinda people! No point in every moment being a serious one.

Born in Sullivan County NY, back in 1980, raised randomly around the US traveling a lot with my father who was a cross country truck driver chasing the haul. Wasn't until I became a father I slowed down on the moving about, and eventually established myself in the great state of North Carolina.
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Each one of my songs tell a small fragment of my life.

"Show A Little love" touches base on some of my own personal experiences being many miles from family with no place to live, starving for food, and singing small outdoor events 40 feet from the main crowd to gather some chump change. Now that I am no longer in that position, I have a general appreciation, and respect for those folks who cannot climb out of the whole, and as often as possible do something about it.

"Jump" Another song about how that experience changed my life and pushed me to do something bigger with the talents past down from my father. From trying to change my life from the lifestyle I was living, to being homeless, to finding a way out through my music. It's a true tale of life. My Life.

Then there is "A Brand New Me" Which talks about getting out, and leaving the old life behind. Disappearing into the world and becoming a new person. A song about Change, Life and New Directions.

Embarrassing Moment

Most embarrassing moment would have to be the time I was homeless, watching people pass by as if I didn't exist. And when they did notice me they so easily looked down on me unaware of my history or how I ended up where I was.

My Instrument

My Voice is my instrument. I use it to speak knowledge about my own life, and share my story with the world!