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One dude and a guitar in the mancave. Sometimes Bella the Farting bulldog will make an appearance. Mostly my interpretations of the music I grew up listening to. Sometimes I might throw in an original or two. Who knows? I might even haul out my bass and play that too.

Disclaimer: Sometimes I have flashbacks and think it's still the 80's (when I still had big hair) when I'm really rockin. I miiiight let slip a swear word or two, but it'll all be in the context of the song (you just can't sing Metallica without belting out a "Hell Yeah", now and then).

So, you've (and Tipper Gore) have been forewarned.

update: I've added a link to my page below. I'll be posting some of my original recordings there. If you're on the fan list you get to download them for free!

"Stay calm, it's only Rock and Roll".
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