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United States of America
Wichita, Kansas
United States of America
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I'm Kathy Sullivan with The Kathy Sullivan Band. Music has been at the root of my spirit from birth. I'm a single, Cherokee/Irish woman and grew up surrounded by musicians. As the youngest of four siblings, I watched my brother on guitar, a sister on piano, & another on clarinet while my mother loved to sing. I was but a child when I began to play those instruments myself and that led to many more instruments. I've had a great deal of tragedy in my life and I believe the gift of music was bestowed upon me to help me deal with those very trying times. I began my music career as a one woman band and after the release of my first album and it going international, I decided to put together a full band. My band was performing 80 concerts a year for over five years and sponsored for 15 years. I'm taking a nice long break but as you can see, music is still a big part of my life and I've been blessed that some of my songs have received radio play. I thank all of you for believing in me.

Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I had an overhead stage light come lose during set up at a local gig and was standing on a chair trying to reach and duct tape it to get through the gig when somehow, I managed to get both of my hands duct tapped to the light fixture and couldn't get free. Actually tied myself up to a light fixture prior to a performance. My bass player was laughing so hard he couldn't help me get down for a while.

Embarrassing Moment

Learned a lesson about talking about a hot individual in the ladies room while leaving my wireless microphone on during a gig break.

My Instrument

My first guitar was given to me by my brother after helping him pump gas at a gas station he managed in Iowa. I wrote my first song on that guitar at the age of about 10. That song was featured in my first album and the song was titled "Attitude" and so was the guitar named. After relocating many times in my youth as we were very poor, I don't know what ever happened to that old guitar but still think of it often.

You can e-mail me at
Please put Jelly in the subject box so I can reply easier. As of today I have over 24,000 unread e-mails. (They told me it would happen when I got songs played on the radio and it did!) Thanks

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