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Toronto, Ontario
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Hey I'm Nicole Coward aka "Songbird" a 1960s influenced Folk singer/songwriter from Toronto Canada. I get my influence from the strong songwriters of those days that wrote with substance and meaning, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez and Gordon Lightfoot to name a few. I studied classically for over 8 years on french horn, piano and flute but have found the best company in an acoustic guitar.
I am proud to have released two albums "Why Dont You Care" in 2012 and "Strong Enough For Love" in 2014, both which I poured much hard work and heart and soul into and I thank all the people on StreetJelly who have supported me by purchasing my albums.
I'm a student of Eastern Philosophies and believe in compassion as a way forward to a better world. My songs are filled with depth, heart and meaning but I still have fun with them! Life is for enjoying, music is life!
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Embarrassing Moment

For the first few years that I played acoustic guitar I only strummed with my thumb. Then finally I decided to start strumming with a flat pick. One of the first open mics I did with a pick, nobody was listening and so I started strumming harder. But of course not knowing how to handle it properly yet, the pick went flying off into the audience. The few people that knew me and were paying attention looked embarrassed for me. I will never forget the look on their faces, but probably mine was worse!

My Instrument

The first instrument I started to really study on (I first learned to play piano when I was very young, but nothing too serious) was the flute. I took lessons, played in all sorts of groups and got up to a grade 8 RCM level. My father bought me a beautiful Yamaha silve rflute one day, and I treasured it deeply. Though I left flute behind for awhile though and it ended up sitting longer and longer on my shelf over the years. Last year my one and only sister got married and had the wedding in Cuba. Being a broke musician, the only way for me to get the money to go to the wedding in time was to sell the flute. It was so hard to give it up, but just before the deadline for the trip payment a very nice man called me up and ended up buying it for his wife a wonderful lady, who always wanted to play the flute. I now know it is being loved again :)

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