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Sean Hully
Sean Hully
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Peterborough, Ontario
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More About Sean Hully

Sean Hully is a multi-instrumentalist striving for self-betterment as a musician and as a person. Battling inner-struggles, social environment, and identity, Sean realized later in life that learning and performing music can be a vehicle to self-betterment along with achieving life balance of the physical, mental and emotional.

Sean works with a Boomerang 3 Phrase Sampler, enabling him to incorporate other instruments such as sax and flute.
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I was busking on my sax in Toronto and a street guy came up behind me. He kind of scared me. He said I should be aware of everything going on because anything can happen to anybody on the street.

Embarrassing Moment

I was in a Billy Joel tribute band for a while and I had to play the harmonica part on "Piano Man" at a show in Montreal. I didn't have any lights on me, so when I blew into the harmonica it was upside down. After a few notes I flipped it around, but oh boy...

My Instrument

My first instrument was a child size guitar. I have it hanging up outside my studio entranceway.

I still use my first electric guitar that I bought in 1985. It's the only one I've ever owned. I've been a sax player most of my professional life.

Now I use a Presentation classical guitar, a Selmer flute, and a Paul Mauriat soprano sax.

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