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Ottawa, Ontario
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Hey i'm sam.
I'm 20 & from Ontario, Canada. (Ottawa)
I love music, usually play acoustic and sing, but sometimes ill play electric as well.

Some of the bands i love and feel i'm most influenced by are City and Colour, Three Days Grace, Shine Down, Seether, many others but those are just a few of my favorites.

I've been playing guitar for a long time, my dad taught me how to play when i was pretty young, but i wasn't super into it until i was probably around 10-12 not sure, but i fell deeply in love with music somewhere around that age.

This site is really the first place I've ever played to anyone, I've never done a show or concert or "gig" before, I've always been pretty shy about that, but one of my goals is to get good enough, and comfortable enough to be able to play "gig's".

If you like my streams you can also check out my YouTube! Thanks for the support :)

I also stream on twitch sometimes now as well:
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