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RyanKoriya | Zimbabwean Coldplay
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More About RyanKoriya

Heya SJammers ;)

My name is Ryan Koriya (Ko-ree-ya)

I'm a Passion-Pop/Passion-Folk singer-songwriter from Zimbabwe (Africa).

I have a huge love for singing and my usual instrument of choice is the acoustic guitar though I'm also classically trained on violin and cello.

I love spreading love and positivity through music.

I also play drums at the same time when on stage using stompboxes and have been performing in about 12 countries a year spanning 4 continents.

Some big influences include Coldplay, Bon Iver, Ben Howard, Seal, Sting, Muse and Michael Kiwanuka.

I'm launching 2 new projects in 2018 and I'm keen to debut the new music on here along with some fun covers too, so stay tuned.

The first is called I See Hearts (See lyric videos below)

You can find my music on all digital platforms like Spotify under the name Ryan Koriya

Looking forward to meeting you guys.


Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I have busked a lot.

My first-ever busking experience was in Edinburgh in Scotland during the Fringe Festival.

I was VERY nervous but needed to make some cash to pay my way. It was basically do or die!

I gave it a go on a quaint street called Rose Street.

Not long after I started, the store owner popped his head out and I was thinking...

Oh crap!! He's going to tell me to get lost!

He then says...

"Wow, I have singers outside all year round and you are the best I've heard! Keep it up!"

To that man, I say thank you! That gave me the confidence to keep singing and now here I am.

Artists always need encouragement along the way.

Embarrassing Moment

Paying for groceries or meals in coins can be a hair-raising experience. Especially when the judgemental-type people behind you are in a hurry with the credit cards and big cars waiting in the car park... The hustle has been real peeps!! lol

Some noticeable places I've loved busking in are cities like Berlin Germany, Cairns Australia and Byron Bay Australia.

Getting by from singing on the streets is a very rewarding experience and helps build new fans.

My Instrument

I had a gorgeous custom-made black acoustic-electric guitar in Zimbabwe called Storm.

I even had a picture of Storm from X-Men that I drew on the back on the guitar.

On my final day going to teach guitar at a school, my guitar strap broke and the guitar fell off my motorcycle!

I had enough time to safely pull over and watch my guitar get run over by traffic!


My current guitar is brand new from Nashville and I'm thinking of calling it Bluebird coz my first performance with it was at the Bluebird Café in Nashville.

What do you think? Is it a good name for a guitar? I'm still not sure.

My other favourite instrument to play is the cello. I just love it's tone!
Cello's are not so easy to drag around though so I'll just have to become really successful then create my own cello orchestra for my live shows!! :P