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United States of America
Fort Myers, FL
United States of America
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Ross Jordan has been playing guitar and writing songs since age 10. He studied classical guitar at Rutgers University. Ross grew up in South Jersey and was exposed to classic Philly Rock at a young age. Like many he was strongly influenced by the arrival of the Beatles and both of these influences are reflected in his writing and performances.
Ross writes tunes with catchy melodies and fun rhythms. He can be seen live throughout the Fort Myers area.
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

in 1977 Ross took all the money he owned ($45), his Gibson J40 guitar (since crushed in a car accident) and stuck out his thumb and hitchhiked from New Jersey to Seattle. He survived by playing in bars and restaurants for tips and meals.
As a sociological observation, he discovered that the more applause he received the fewer tips he received, and conversely when the audience appeared distant he ended the evening with a pocket full of much needed cash.

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