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RobVanNiel - Acoustic Explorations
“Multi-Instrumentalist at Play!” 
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“Multi-Instrumentalist at Play!”
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RobVanNiel | Acoustic Explorations
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United States of America
Cleveland, OH
United States of America
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More About RobVanNiel

I'm a classically trained violinist who picked up guitar around age 17. For many years, I shelved the violin and concentrated on self-teaching myself guitar. I stayed on the electric side for most of those years and played lead guitar in a short lived band. When my father passed in 1998, I decided it was time to take my guitar playing into a different direction so I discovered fingerstyle and ragtime guitar. Now I incorporate my guitar style to some of my favorite pop and rock tunes from yesteryear which comes fairly naturally to me.

Recently, I have gotten more focused on getting proficient on piano/keyboard and have added it to my SJ shows.

I do live shows online as a solo performer doing my own fingerstyle guitar arrangements with vocals, violin and piano/keyboard. I also play guitar/violin/vocals in a three piece cover band called Three Sheets to the Wind which has given me the opportunity to develop my singing abilities (limited as they are).
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I haven't had many moments busking on streets but did have an opportunity to busk in a park once when the regular gig fell through. I was with another band mate and we played for a few passers by and made a few bucks. That was my first time busking and it was unique.

Embarrassing Moment

I can't recall any embarrassing moments but suffice to say I'm much more comfortable playing with others. When I play solo on any stage, my fingers tend to fumble until I get through a few songs which is a problem when you're playing an open mic and not afforded much time.

My Instrument

My main guitar is a Martin OM28V with a K&K Mic/Pickup system. My violin is the same one I used in high school dating back to 1972 with a K&K pickup. My piano/keyboard is a Roland JUNO-DS88 which I got recently to replace an OLD Casio keyboard that was awful.

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