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RC_PICKENS | Corporate Entertainer-R.C.Pickens
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United States of America
Las Vegas, NV
United States of America
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Corporate entertainer-R.C. Pickens, has been entertaining since 1976, and is always busy with his DJ/Live entertainer style show. HE SINGS, PLAYS GUITAR, AND IS A SONGWRITER. RC started out playing with bands and over the years has found that it's just easier to use backing tracks in his show, they provide the closest to the original recordings.

RC puts in many hours to his craft in order to provide the best show that he can do, he also owns a wedding and event planning business and is a corporate entertainer that specializes in destination events in Las Vegas.

R.C also is a member of ASCAP as a songwriter and Music Publisher, and is a member of IATSE 720 Las Vegas as a Professional, sound, light, and video technician

R C would like to Thank everyone for there support in him and the entertainment he brings to his audience

Check-out RC's web site at :
or send him an e-mail at
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Being a professional stagehend and performer, I built everything for this show, not only for how I wanted to look and sound, but, with the audience in mind. I want it to be entertaing and fun, and to take the energy form the stage out into the audience and get them as excited as I am. it's my job to create special musical moments that trigger the many memories of our lives that music was and is so much a part of. it's not about the entertainer, but, the experience they create for the audience.

To book RC for an event contact: or

My Instrument

I use 3 guitars in my show a fender strat, ovation acoustic 6 string, and a takemine 12 string acoustic. I also have upgraded everything including sound, lighting and video and have had all new wardrobe.As well as put all my music on laptop.

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