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Pete Webb
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United Kingdom
Aberdeen, Scotland
United Kingdom
  • Vocal
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I'm Pete from Aberdeen, Scotland. I was brought up in a musical family. My Mum, Dad , 2 older brothers and 2 older sisters all introduced me to a huge range of music. In primary school i was singing in choirs and playing any instrument i could lay my hands on. In secondary school i played 2nd trumpet in the concert band. Now it's mainly voice and rhythm guitar
I run a monthly open mic night at my local bar and that's where the Crown Bar House Band and subsequently Eklectik was born. It's a great wee place.
I've had my share of health problems, both physical and mental and for some time i'd lost interest in music. It's returning now, i'm happy to say.
Playing and singing is important for my wellbeing and it's my aim to make my way through music by performing with the band and recording at my small home studio.
I'm into Streetjelly for the fun mostly and any tips are gratefully received and 100% will be donated to Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland -
Cheers :D
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