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Victoria, BC
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I sing, I write, I play guitar. I started off learning to play on a 6 string then in my adulthood
I picked up a 12 string Takamine and fell in love with it. I learned from watching others around me play guitar and gradually found my own way of plucking and strumming. I threw away the guitar pick years ago cos I kept dropping it and found I liked it better being able to feel the strings and I never play with a pick now. I think I threw in writing just cos I was bored of doing the same old covers over and over plus I didn't want to learn anymore other artists material, I wanted to see if I could do my own. I really enjoy technology and how creative you can get with software and music enhancers etc. I am not the type that stays in a groove, if new comes along I like to at least try it if I can. So in doing this I have become quite savvy at computers and whatnot. I also putter with art, abstract mostly, its relaxing and puts my mind at ease. To conclude keeping upright is my main objec
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I have not performed for a very long time in the brick and morter world, pretty much for the past 18 years I have only performed online through streaming platforms just like this one. Check out my website if you have time ;)

My Instrument

I play a 12 string Takamine acoustic guitar that is unhappy and hasn't made any money or brought anything good into my world now forever but I just found out after thinking maybe I should just ask it what its freaking problem was with this issue and lo and behold I find out after all these years it's cos my Takamine thinks it's in the wrong body, it thinks its a Gibson. UuG!

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