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Victoria, BC
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I sing, I write, I play guitar. Started off learning to play a 6 string then picked up a 12 string Takamine and fell in love with it. Learned from watching others play guitar and gradually found my own way of doing things. I like playing without a pick, I like being able to feel the strings. I threw in writing just cos I was bored of doing the same old covers plus I didn't want to learn anymore other artists material, I wanted to see if I could do my own. I also putter with art, abstract mostly, its relaxing and puts my mind at ease. To conclude keeping upright is my main objective these days ;)
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I have not performed for a very long time in the brick and morter world, pretty much for the past 18 years I have only performed online through streaming platforms just like this one. Check out my website if you have time ;)

My Instrument

I play a 12 string Takamine acoustic guitar

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