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United States of America
SW Arkansas
United States of America
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More About MrsDeltaDawn

Hi, my name is Mrs Dawn, got my nic-name at young age and added "Mrs" in late 1990s. Taught myself to play guitar in the cattle fields back in the mid 60s up in the Colorado Mts. Learned more through the following yrs. growing up.
I moved to SW Arkansas in 1977 added Gospel & Contemporary Gospel music to my lineups. Loves songs that tell stories & used alot of my talent in jail ministries, revivals, camps, then in the 2000s started learning more folk & country songs. Am not a Pro but has played with some bands, done festivals & ect. since 2003.
I do enjoy what my husband calls "My Howling Night" which is usually on Friday evenings online in singing sites that I have been apart of since the late 1990s.
Kate Wolf is one of my favorite artists along with The "SweetHearts of the Rodeo" & other country/Folk singers but I do tend to change words here and there in songs to fit my style, but no disrespect intended. :)
Alot of my songs have true life stories behind the words/music
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I did train traveling with my guitar starting back in 1991 and met so many artists on my 4 day AmTrak train rides out to Oregon to visit relatives and so many folks also had there instruments. We would jam all night long most of the time and also gather in different sections to entertain folks. but even an engineer would chime in with a harp or my guitar that was so exciting for me since it helped make the train traveling go by quicker and I loved getting free meals along with some tips here and there also.
I did street singing at train stops from Arkansas through L.A. and ect. and earned a few $$ here and there which was awesome for me and became a beginning for me of doing street singings at festivals/fairs & ect. entertaining folks. I did train trips every year until 2010 .. relatives pasted away so no more train trips but the adventure was awesome and if you ever get the chance, take your guitar & ride a train. Greatest experience ever!

Embarrassing Moment

Embarrassing....not really but was kind of funny in a way ... I was at a Church Camp back in the 90s and they had a talent night so I got my guitar with a group of young people and taught them sign language to a chorus on a contemporary gospel song. I sang the verses and they came in on the chorus with the sign language, it was awesome and I was so proud of the young people.
(maybe 7 or more and they were fast learners)
Afterwards a Youth Counselor came up to me and said " I hope it doesn't offend you but you sounded just like Joan Baez. I said "thank you, I'll take that as a compliment".
Haha, I wish I did but I do tend to have a folkish type of voice on a lot of songs I do.

My Instrument

I have two Greg Bennett & my favorite -> a fairly new James Neligan acoustic/ electric guitar. Always wanted a Taylor but this "James Neligan" is close!
Has owned 9 or so since early 70s

I have only done 5 or so shows but I guess my trial & error learning the setup here shows my on and off starting and rebooting /refreshing page.
This is awesome place to share music and meet new friends!

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