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MeiaMusic | Rebel With a Six String
United States of America
Garland, TX
United States of America
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Since she could talk, Meia was constantly singing. As she got older, and her finger dexterity improved she began playing the piano. That was just the beginning, she went on to learn Saxophone, Flute, Guitar, Bass and a few random instruments, including the didgeridoo.

January 2013- I'm booking more and more paid shows! I hope to branch out of town soon and maybe eventually out of state! I love my streetjelly family, and maybe someday I'll get to meet you in person and we can jam together! :) Thanks for all the support and the word of mouth advertising!

Nov 2013- Wow this was way out of date. All updated now! "Wits End Live 2013!" Can be purchased through my URL or Facebook store! $5 or 99cents a song, all originals.
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I was in NYC when I was 17, totally illegally busking in times square (I didn't know you had to have a license to do it) and made like $50 in one afternoon just playing Jewel songs over and over!

Embarrassing Moment

Opened up for this really cool band from the southwest here "six pack deep" and I loved them, totally botch a song so bad that I actually had to STOP playing, usually I can save it, but it was just gone... there was no saving it... totally embarrassing


My Instrument

My most beloved guitar, the Seagull Cedar Top S6 original series...I now play a newer version of.... has since been retired due to bodily injury! haha I didn't want to ruin it, so I bought one of craig's list just like it and hung it up! and now the one I bought has suffered bodily injury so I am on the hunt for a Seagull Cedar top S6 original CW acoustic/electric. Movin' on up!

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