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LianiDWD | "Check Sound 123!!... :)"
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Hi!! I am a 45 year old Indonesian, living in Jakarta, my English is not good. I love nylon string classic guitar and I have been learning to play it since 2009, been teaching my self, from my memory as listening musics and also watching others around me play guitar. I also learn pronunciation through singing English songs. For me it's so hard learning both playing guitar and singing but it's really very nice. In addition there is something interesting, that I am also trying to learn to play instrumental since October 2017.
Playing music is just my hobby, and it seems that after I retire from my job later, I will have much time to practice playing guitar and
Thank you so much!!!

- Lia

Fun Stuff about the Artist

My Instrument

- 2009 Aria Concert AK 30 CE Nylon
- 2013 Cort CEC7 NAT Nylon
- Scarlett Studio Mic
- B-2 PRO Mic
- Truth B3030A Speaker
- Behringer Xenyx QX1202USB
- Foscurite Scarlett 2nd Generation 2i2USB Audio Interface Studio