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LianiDWD | "Check Sound 123!!... :)"
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Hi!! I am an Indonesian living in Jakarta, my English is not good. I love nylon string classic guitar and I have been learning to play it since 2009, been teaching my self, from my memory as listening musics and also watching others around me play guitar. I also learn pronunciation through singing English songs. For me it's so hard learning both playing guitar and singing but it's really very nice. In addition there is something interesting, that also I have been trying to learn to play the instrumental on my guitar since October 2017.
Playing music is just my hobby, and it seems that after I retire from my job later, I will have much time to practice playing guitar and
Thank you so much!!!

- Lia

Fun Stuff about the Artist

My Instrument

- 2009 Aria Concert AK 30 CE Nylon
- 2013 Cort CEC7 NAT Nylon
- Scarlett Studio Mic
- B-2 PRO Mic
- Truth B3030A Speaker
- Behringer Xenyx QX1202USB
- Foscurite Scarlett 2nd Generation 2i2USB Audio Interface Studio