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Lexi FreeSpirit, stage name of Alessia Liberatori, was born in Rome in the 70ies. Her passion developed in the smoky and dark rehearsal rooms of the center and the outskirts of Rome, where for many years she performed, chasing the perennial search for new sounds and new experiences. Her influences are the pop sounds of the 80's before, and the rock of the seventies later, together creating a solid and broad musical background to draw on. Her musical studies continued incessantly, always looking for a particular and interesting sound; studies which have led her to abandon the bands she worked with and to devote herself wholeheartedly to the study of voice, always in search of refinement and improvement. From that constant search of different and intriguing sounds came "The Dark Angel Voice", album, with Fabio Santangelo who made the whole musical part, with the use of his keyboard and keytar, leaving the lyrics to Lexi. The album has 10 originals plus 1 remaster of "Scarborough Fair".
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MacBook pro Retina 13'
Microphone Shure SM58 (for live performances)
Microphone Soundsation Vintage 50ies (for recording and mastering sessions)
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