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Lenna_White | "I'm just a Dreamer" (Ozzy Ozbourne)
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More About Lenna_White

I've been a musician ever since I was 5, my father was a bard at the SCA and my mom always sang. I taught myself how to play Ukulele at 13, then 14 I got a guitar. I strive to be better and to be the best so I can get to work in the music industry.

Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I was busking on the streets when one of my friend's grandparents had come up and listened to my playing randomly. It was really nice cause he was super supportive, and he gave me a two dollar bill. Like, and ACTUAL two dollar bill! I have it to this day and it will forever be my lucky buck.

Embarrassing Moment

I was playing at the local open mic, and I was so nervous. It was my second time really "performing" anything, and I wanted to sing "Come on Feel the Noise"... I messed up the verses so badly, I had to stop.

My Instrument

I have three acoustic guitars, one electric, a Ukulele and a dulcimer. My first acoustic was Lovely, my second was Black Cherry, my third is Big Mama. My Electric is named Edgar, after Edgar Allen Po.