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Truro,Nova Scotia
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I am a 60 year old airbrush artist/retired now. there willl be a link to my artwork here if u would like a peek.I started playing Guitar at 13 and was taught the basics by one of my foster brothers.I then learned different genres from other friends and by listening to lots of music .If I liked a song I tried to learn it.
I have played in a few bands throughout my life always in the background as a guitarist ,drummer or keyboard player and sang harmonies.
I now just play by myself with a drum machine,guitar and a guitar synth or backtracks as I just cant seem to find anyone who likes to jam in this area. You can check me out also on Second Life as I play 1 hour shows there online almost everydayunder the name laidbacklive. You may also check out my Youtube stuff here or my artists website here
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My Instrument

My Favorite instrument is a single piece,flying V Gibson copy that I still have but have dropped on its face because of a crap guitar stand and broke the head stock 4 times.I repaired it every time but the last time was just one too many and it now just will not stay in tune,which sucks as it was one of the fastest and best sounding guitars I have ever owned .Someday if I ever win the lottery I will have a professional take a look and see if it can be

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