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Lady Mellow | Humble guitar, Tasty Voice, and Tin Kazzo lol
Lady Mellow
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United States of America
Tacoma, Wa
United States of America
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Enjoy getting lost in a song. Influences!? Too many to tell really....from classic rock to classical. Jazz, swing, funk, blues. Im a bit of a Audiophile!! Phobe Snow, Patsey Cline, Ella Fitzgerald, Julie Andrews, Peggy Lee and Astrud Gilberto are just a few of my favorite vocalist. Been singing since I was 11...guitar....hahaha not quite that long! Obviously!! Lolololol
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Embarrassing Moment

A friend and I are singing our guts out at Retirement home and from the back of the room we heard an old scratchy voice cry out " that was the worst singing I've ever heard!!!" We left with our tails tucked that day

My Instrument

My voice's still around!
Guitar second
Drums third
Actually, that's really debatable.......the last two are mediocre at best....HA

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