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KuyaKano | World Inspired Spanish Guitar
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Puerto Princesa
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More About KuyaKano

Kuya Kano is a World Inspired Spanish Guitarist, His music is celebrating the sounds of Flamenco rhumba, with accents of Mediterranean, Central American, Caribbean and Middle Eastern accents. Since 2012, Kuya Kano has entertained audiences from the United States, Italy, Croatia, the Caribbean, and now makes his home in the Philippines, performing in Metro Manila, Puerto Princesa, and Cebu.
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I spent 15 years traveling the world as a yacht captain. The songs written and recorded in my albums are all inspired by those adventurous journeys. Now older and semi-retired, I now reside in the Philippines making my home on the #1 ranked island in the world, Palawan. I perform regularly at the Palo Alto resort, and Gipsy Lair Cafe in Puerto Princesa, as well as occasional performances in Metro Manila where I have been featured on the national TV show, the Ryzza Mae Show.

Embarrassing Moment

I printed dozens of t-shirts to sell in the Philippines with my motto: Music, Passion, Duende. Duende is a gypsy word meaning when the music captivates your soul.
It wasn't till after i sold all my t-shirts that I discovered that the word "Duende" in the Philippine dialect of Tagalog means "midget".
To this day nobody who bought a t-shirt ever said a word, and I can only imagine what they must think of my motto, "Music, Passion... uh... short people"???

My Instrument

Cordoba JK Studio series guitar
Bose S1 and L1 Pro Audio systems