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KenNickell | Ex Pat playin on the beaches of costa rica
KenNickell Showcase 1
Costa Rica
Punta Mala, Costa RIca
Costa Rica
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More About KenNickell

In 2003 he gave up the day gig, packed up his guitars, and moved to the southern pacific zone of Costa Rica. He found new inspiration for his songs, and continued playing and singing for tourists and fellow gringo expats. In 2014 he joined with fellow expat musicians Tim Rath and Shorty Hill to form The G String Cowboys.

Ken is a classic American songwriter, prolifically composing memorable melodies and relevant lyrics in songs that are at once old school with a modern twist. Music has been and always will be his hearts desire. Writing, singing, playing for anyone that will listen.
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I am not all that proud of some of the things that happen on the road.

Embarrassing Moment

I certainly am not good at expressing personal moments other than in song. just give my songs a listen and it will become more evident. Especially my live album and live cuts.

My Instrument

I had a Chet Atkins Gibson Solid body cat gut that fell off a stage one time at a State Fair when we were opening for Charlie McClain, but my lead player caught it just before it hit the ground. I play a Martin big body now.